Description & Story

Tenkiame is the second title by Gummy Soft, and comes after a silence that lasted for over 5 years. Its story takes place during a bright summer vacation. When the protagonist receives word of his grandfather’s physical condition worsening, he hurriedly sets out to his grandfather’s home. Yet when he arrives he can relax as apparently his grandfather’s condition wasn’t as bad as he had at first believed. At least now he can spend some time with his grandmother as well, it’s been a while since they last met.

She tells him that the nature around them will soon disappear in favor of further development of the town. But the only reaction he can think of at first is that it’s an inevitable consequence of time moving forward. Then when he sits down on the veranda to enjoy the greenery around them -and to feel the cool refreshing breeze- he suddenly notices the figure of a small girl in the sunlight next to him. One with beautiful hair and ears sticking out above. This marks the start of a small love story starring himself and two fox girls. One with white hair and an innocent yet curious personality, the other being meddlesome and docile.

Tenkiame English download edition

Tenkiame is available in an uncensored English download edition over at Denpasoft or DLsite.

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