Tenshin Ranman – Lucky or Unlucky!?

Description & Story

Haruki is a young man who spends his days filled with all kinds of misfortune. Things like his cellphone falling into the water, or his bicycle failing on him. He also lost count over how many times he had lost his wallet. To him, these kind of days are “normal”.

The one day he suddenly receives an unexpected package, a box with no sender name or address listed. And the contents of the box surprised even him, someone used to all sorts of unusual events. The box contained… a girl!?

And this very delivery marked the beginning of a turnaround for Haruki. The girl claims to be a “God”, declaring about how she’s here protect him from all the misfortune, and to bring him luck instead. Though she did cause a new problem to arise, namely that she attracted other people to his surroundings.

What will happen to him now? And what’s the girl’s goal? Did she really make all of his misfortune go away? Only the following days can tell…

English edition

An English edition has been announced to be in the works by Sekai Project



OP / Demo movie