WanNyan ☆ a la mode! ~Which Girl Will You Choose? An Erotic Cat & Dog Café Experience!~

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Description & Story

“WanNyan ☆ a la mode! ~Which Girl Will You Choose? An Erotic Cat & Dog Café Experience!~” is a visual novel by the developer Palette and published by Denpasoft and Sekai Project. The original Japanese name is “Wan Nyan ☆ A La Mode! ~Docchi ni Suru no? Wan Nyan H na Café Jijou!~”

This visual novel is for fans of cat and puppy girls. Fans who enjoy café stories and helping their heroines will also find WanNyan an exciting story.

There are 7 girls to choose from, a few extra scenes, and even a harem scenario. The routes are fairly straight forward but the extra scenes require a bit of exploring. They aren’t difficult to get though. Completing them and the original stories will unlock a complete CGI gallery.

The extra menu has replayable scenes, a music gallery, and of course stills from each route. All the scenes and pictures are uncensored.

Story / setting

PochiTama Pâtissière Academy is an extremely prestigious school, known for graduating top class pâtissières and western confectionary artisans. Getting into the school is easy, however it’s said that actually graduating is very difficult. The school is actually not just limited to Japan either, it has branches all over the world. And only the best trainees amongst the students are invited over to the main school.

Those that were invited have to stay on the main campus for a few weeks as they run their own stores, controlled by the school. Then 2 MVPs will be chosen from their ranks which will be allowed to train at one of several famous stores around the world. In other worlds, it’ll be the first foothold they can get to travel the world. Naturally, each of the students will do their very best to get nominated as one of those MVPs.

Now, what role will our protagonist have in this story? Which store will you work for? And who will you befriend?

Sample CGs

WanNyan English Download Edition

WanNyan ☆ a la mode is available for download over at Mangagamer The only version available is the 18+ edition.



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