Breeding Village

Description & Story

Breeding Village is a kinetic visual novel, originally developed by Japanese company Miel, and subsequently released in English by Cherry Kiss Games. The full Japanese title is, hold on, Youkoso Tanetsuke Mura e ~Itsu Demo Doko mo Demo Hitozuma-tachi to Haramase Koubi Dekiru Risou no Slow Life~.

The story in Breeding Village is about Arata, a man who is done with his life as a “corporate slave”. After 5 years of working long hours for a company with only low salary to show for it, he quits his job and walks out.

Unsure of what to do next, he stumbles upon a flyer advertising the ideal countryside life. Promising a guaranteed job and a place to stay for interested applicants. And not long after he finds himself in front of a huge house in the countryside. A beautiful lady awaits him to get him familiar with the village and his job.

But when Arata asks about the details of the aforementioned job, she simply replied “Baby-making of course!”. Would you do it?

Breeding Village English download edition

The English download edition of Breeding Village is available over at Nutaku.

Breeding Village Walkthrough

Since Breeding Village is a kinetic novel without choices, a walkthrough is not needed.


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