New 1/6 figure for “Fault!!” Tennis girl Maya Kamiwazumi

Good news for the fans of artist Tony Taka and the two “Fault!!” games by Ciel, a new Maya figure is now available for pre-orders. The new heroine that made her appearance in the sequel game “Fault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~” has been captured in a figure just as she was in the midst of undressing.

The 1/6 figure by SkyTube is approximately 26cm high and has a removable set of clothing. It’s pre-painted and pre-orders for the figure are expected to be shipped around February next year. You can get in your pre-order over at J-List or AmiAmi.

Maya Kamiwazumi figure1 Maya Kamiwazumi figure 2

Fault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~

After a tumultuous summer vacation it’s now time for a new school semester. Shuuichi has been constantly busy with his relationship to both Ai and Mio. But then on one day the leader of the tennis club Reiko decides that the club will participate in the school festival at the end of the month, and after much debating they settle on doing a cosplay cafe. And their tumultuous days are far from over when they also get involved in the student council president elections and a transfer student will be coming to Shuuichi’s class.