New “Fault!” Ai Saeki figure will brush you away

Dragon Toy is releasing a new figure from the “Fault!!” visual novel series, a series that features art by Tony Taka. The new figure is a suntanned version of the same figure that’s going to be released in June. Ai Saeki is one of the two main heroes in the first game (vndb) and the sequel (vndb). She’s brushing her teeth with not much clothing left wearing, and the shirt even is unbuttoned for you already. The scale is about 1/6, giving it a total height of about 27.5 cm.

It’s expected to be released in September 2015. You can get your pre-orders over at one of these sites:

Ai-Saeki-fault-figure-1 Ai-Saeki-fault-figure-2 Ai-Saeki-fault-figure-3


The tennis club that Shuuichi Sugiyama belongs too is a small club composed of 5 people. When he’s at the club Shuuichi easily forgets that he’s actually at school so club activities are always fun. But then the situation changes when an accident gets him injured. With Ai now trying to take care of Shuuichi his sister Mio suddenly is in a bad temper. What changes will all of that bring to his life?