New figure for main heroine Akane Ryuuzouji of Walkure Romanze More&More

Akane of the Walkure Romanze series by Ricotta has taken some time off from her daily training in order to pose for a new figure. The new figure by SkyTube is on a scale of 1/5.5, making it about 30 cm in height. It features Akane in a, well, outfit that doesn’t leave much to your imagination. And her bikini can even be taken off.

The Pre-painted Complete PVC Figure is expected to ship in December, so get your pre-orders in over at J-List, CDJapan or AmiAmi if you’re interested.

Akane Ryuuzouji Figure 2Akane Ryuuzouji Figure 1Akane Ryuuzouji Figure 3Akane Ryuuzouji Figure 4

Akane Ryuuzouji

Akane Ryuuzouji features as a side character in the original Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~, and as a main heroine in both Walkure Romanze More&More and Walkure Romanze Re:tell 2. She’s dedicated to her daily training and despite being a knight she’s also interested in fashion, sweets, and love stories. Though she usually acts serious and happens to be a sore loser.