Pre-orders for Mikoto and Kotori pillow covers (Otome ga Kanaderu Koi no Aria)

Those who are a fan of Ao Kimishima’s art and games by visual novel developer Ensemble might be interested in these two pillow covers (dakimakura). Both covers have two sides where classmate Mikoto Ninomiya has one side with only her uniform’s skirt and panties, while Kotori Yukishiro also still has her cloak on. And for both of them the second side is all-revealing.

The covers are made of Stretched Tricot Lycra and are 50x160cm (19.7x63in). If you pre-order one of them it’ll come with a download code for a voice drama that’ll available directly from Ensemble’s website.

The preview images are censored and are available at the pre-order pages over at J-List: