Kickstarter campaign for horror visual novel The Letter (Demo available)

If you’re a fan of horror stories then this might be something for you. New group Yangyang Mobile was formed only recently and are currently running their first Kickstarter campaign for a new English visual novel called “The Letter”. The game already received enough votes to be Greenlit on Steam Greenlight, and now the group is trying to raise enough funds to make the game a reality.

The story in The Letter will be told from the perspective of six different characters, whereby you alternate views between chapters. Ingame animated characters should you provide you with some eye-candy as you play. Oh, and did they mention jump-scares yet?

A playable demo of this interesting novel is already available on their campaign page. It’s available for all three major operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux).


You don’t need to pledge much to be eligible for the rewards in their campaign. You can already earn yourself a digital copy of the game from $13 and up (limited availability), with your name added to the credits if you pledge at least $20 instead. A digital deluxe version comes at the $40 tier and physical versions start from $50. After that it’s simply a matter of deciding which extras you want, which include choices like beta-access, t-shirts, stickers and an A3 poster of the characters.

The Letter digital deluxe

Now, if you’ve ever wanted a portrait of yourself ingame, then the $400 tier might be something for you. Not enough you say? All of the tiers above will get you involved with a small or big portion of the development of the game, with the final tier providing you with the role of “Executive Producer”.

Early screenshots and concepts

The Letter screenshot 1 The Letter concept 2 The Letter concept 1

Campaign end & Release date

The campaign still has 12 days to go to reach its goal. So you better be quick if the information above got you interested. And if all goes well, the game will be released around October next year.