Pre-orders now available for Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2

English localization publisher JAST has now opened pre-orders for the second game in the RPG series of “The Spirit of Eternity Sword”. The update also comes with its own website here, which will give you more background information about the game. Namely a story summary, access to a trailer video, main character images, and several CG previews.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Seinarukana is the sequel to Aselia the Eternal (vndb), and is a typical SRPG, thus combining several of the best elements that Japan has to offer. Art, RPG, and girls to conquer.


The story of Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 centers around Nozomu, your average student at a perfectly normal Japanese school. Until he’s suddenly thrown into an unfamiliar world where he has to fight for his life.

During the struggle, he and his friends discover that they now posses special powers and learn that they must also find the true nature of these powers bestowed upon him and his friends, if they ever want to get through all of this.


In the trailer you can get a glimpse of the heroines in the game, as well as a quick preview of some gameplay footage.

Pre-orders & Steam Greenlight Aselia

While a release date has not yet been given, pre-orders for the game will also come with a Steam key, which indicates that a safe version of the game will also be available for those who want it.

Currently, a Steam Greenlight campaign is running to get the series’ first game (Aselia the Eternal) on Steam. You can check out the page here and make sure to vote if you’d like to see the game on Steam.

For pre-orders of “Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2”, head over to J-list here. You can get the regular edition starting at $44.95.