Purple Software’s Chrono Clock now available

Today marks the day that the English translation of Purple Software’s Chrono Clock has been released. The adult download version, published by Denpasoft, is now available over at Nutaku download games. For those of you that want the all-ages edition, you’ll have to have a few more hours before the Steam edition will become available.

Originally announced in July 2015, localization company Sekai Project worked with Purple Software to make this release possible. Chrono Clock was released in Japan just months before the announcement about an English release.


The story was written by Mikage and Ryou Mizobuchi. From which you might know Mikage as one of the writers for several Minori games, as well as parts of the original Da Capo story.

In Chrono Clock, protagonist Rei Sawatari owns a watch that can rewind time for a maximum of 5 minutes. He can use this power as often as he’d like, though 5 minutes is not a very big amount of time to work with. But since he’s able to rewind time at any time anyway, he’s currently using its power to learn whatever he can about all the cute girls in school. Something that he could use to find a possible love interest.

When on one day he sees a girl falling down from the rooftop he quickly rewinds time to find out what happened, only to run into the confession of an extremely shy girl to his own best friend. The girl had mustered all of her courage to confess to her love. Much more then Rei ever accomplished on his own. So in order to help her he uses his power to make her second confession a success. From that point a love triangle begins, while at the same time he gains the courage for his own confession.

Purple Software

Japanese visual novel developer Purple Software has been in the running for a long time. If you’ve been a fan of Japanese visual novels for a while then you have most likely heard of them before. Perhaps through the names of games like Hapymaher and Mirai Nostalgia.

Speaking of which, Chrono Clock artists Koku and Hiro Tsukimori also worked on the art for Hapymaher. In case you were wondering why the style looked so familiar.

Physical Editions

The physical editions that were sold through the Kickstarter campaign are not expected to be out yet for at least a few months. But no worries, if you ordered one of these, you should also get access to the Steam or Nutaku download edition.