(NSWF) Trap Idol visual novel School Idol QT Cool now available

I hope you’re into visual novels with a trap protagonist, because this week Mangagamer unexpectedly released a new title by Ume Soft. A Japanese company that handles their own translations and published them before at Mangagamer. The new visual novel’s name is School Idol QT Cool and features a cross-dressing protagonist.

For this game, the art is done by regular Ume Soft artist Yuu Hiaki. The same goes for the story, which is written by Raita Shutou.


In the story of this School Idol game, protagonist Haruka is just living a normal boring life as a student at his school. All of that changes however when his classmate Akaru invites him to join her in her club’s activities. To Haruka’s surprise, it’s an Idol Club! Who would’ve expected that from the normally quiet Akaru.

Once there, he meets the club’s president, Aya. She immediately locks onto Haruka and forces him to cross-dress as a girl. Of course Haruka objects at first, but after some persuasion from Aya and Akaru he agrees. Afterwards, he joins the club and they form the Idol Group “QT Cool”. What follows after that is continuous stream of intense training and sexual advances by Aya.

With the goal of performing live at the school festival, Haruka begins to enjoy the club activities more and more. As you can expect from a cross-dressing person however, there are plenty of interesting events heading your way!

Sample CGs

Ume Soft

Ume Soft is a Japanese developer that usually releases low budget visual novels about various subjects. They have been around for a long time, but you might only know them from their English releases through Mangagamer or Nutaku. Out of all their titles, 4 of them are currently available at Mangagamer. See them here.

If you want to have a look at their full list of games, including all Japanese ones, then I recommend heading over to VNDB.