Website updated for Beat Blades Haruka

Earlier this week English localization company Mangagamer updated the website for the upcoming gameplay visual novel Beat Blades Haruka. The updated website now has big character pictures for the 3 main heroines, as well as images for some of the Noroi faction.

Also, a full gallery of gameplay screenshots and CGs (NSFW) will give you a good indication of the gameplay systems in place. If you’re familiar with this particular Alice Soft game then you’ll already know that this is a RPG game in which each heroine has her own stats and skillset. They fight against the Noroi in order to protect the town that they live in.

Haruka screen 2 Haruka screen 3

Now, that’s where the similarities with most normal RPGs end. You’ll have to perform various “actions” with each heroine to strengthen them, and to raise SP. An entire system is in place to decide which kind of actions you can choose. Have a look at the updated website for all preview screenshots.

Release date and pre-order sale

The translation for Beat Blades Haruka will be released on February 23. And if you pre-order the download edition now you’ll receive a 10% discount.