A closer look at the new website for Minori’s Trinoline

Japanese developer Minori opened the website for their latest game Trinoline. Minori is a company that you might know from big titles like “ef” or “Eden*”. It’s been only a few months since the release of their 2016 title, “Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous”, but now we already have something new to look forward too.

The Japanese website is available here. Unfortunately they block most foreign visitors, so you won’t be able to view it if you’re one of those. Read on below for a short summary of what you can find at the website.

Trinoline was actually first announced at Anime Expo this year. English localization plans were already included in that announcement, which will be handled by Mangagamer. It is their intent to make the time gap between a Japanese and an English releases as small as possible.

The story will be written by story writers 8, Mikuri Mikuriya, Hikaru Hanamida and Misagi. From which the latter one was involved in Minori’s previous 3 game releases. Hikaru Hanamida was also in on 2 of those, Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous from this year and Soreyori no Prologue from 2015.

Mikuri Mikuriya has previously written for companies like Saga Planets and Cabbit. Notable titles include Hanasaki Work Spring from 2015 and Karumaruka * Circle from 2013. While “8” has mainly worked for Galette before.

Shun lost his sister on a warm midsummer day. She drowned. It’s a memory that he can never forget. After the event he decided to live for her part of life as well, though he has to think about her on every warm summer.

Then one day he hears her favorite tune played on a piano. When he follows the sounds he finds his sister waiting for him. Well, not his real sister apparently, but an Android made to look like the splitting image of his sister. It’s a completely new type of Android developed by Sara, who’s both a genius scientist as well as Shun’s childhood friend.

Trinoline sample 1

Both character design and art are handled by minori artist Hiyo Yuzuna and artist duo Kinokonomi. The latter having worked on Giga’s Shirogane x Spirits and Amaekata wa Kanojo Nari ni, while Hiyo Yuzuna naturally worked on all minori titles since Natsuzora no Perseus in 2012.

Trinoline Shun Trinoline Shirone

Trinoline Sara Trinoline Yuuri

Release date
The Japanese version of Trinoline is currently targeted for 2017.