Date and cast announced for Studio Ryokucha’s Hanikami Clover

Today Studio Ryokucha has announced a release date for their upcoming game “Hanikami Clover”. It has actually been rather quiet around the game so this is probably good news to the fans of the company that are looking forward to this new game, one that follows after Minamijuujisei Renka from September last year.

The date was announced in a short news post at the game’s official site here, and it was set to January 29. And don’t worry, 2016 will be there before you know it.

Cast names

Now, that was not the only thing they updated. In the same update they’ve also published the cast names for the 4 main heroines. Have a look at the character pages or at the list below:

  • Rio Saeki: Suzu Kamiyama
  • Sumire Hiragi: Hana Akino (vndb)
  • Suoh Emiru: Sora Haruka (vndb)
  • Makina Usui: Yui Kusuhara (vndb)


And that’s not all yet. The gallery page was also opened up, containing several pieces of sample art from the game. Here are three of them:

Hanikami Clover CG3 Hanikami Clover CG2 Hanikami Clover CG1