Escude publishes cast names for Foreign Love x 4 Tune

Escude, properly written as Escu:de, has announced the cast names for the 4 main heroines in their latest upcoming game. Which is a game called Foreign Love x 4 Tune, a “normal” visual novel that seems to appeal as a game about a single boy with 4 girls around him.

Now, the latest update to the game’s website revealed the cast names for the main heroines:

  • Karen: Soyogi Toono (vndb)
  • Meira: Miru (vndb)
  • Kotone Maihama: Keito Mizukiri (vndb)
  • Tsumugi Minagi: Rie Hoshika (no page yet)

Though the names were revealed, no voice samples were yet added to the character pages. Other updates to the website involved order information and promotional materials. So we’ll still have to wait for more info on for example the sub-characters.

Foreign Love x 4 Tune is currently planned for a release in November