Giga’s Baldr Heart delayed to August

Earlier this weekend Giga announced a delay for upcoming game Baldr Heart. The latest game in the Baldr series was originally supposed to be released later this month, but has now been delayed to August. An announcement and apology have been posted on the game’s official website. And while you’re on the official website, I recommend having a look around, it’s pretty well done.

Baldr Heart
The story of Baldr Heart will follow former mercenary Sou Takizawa. After losing his ability to fight as well as his job he returns to his foster father’s home on the island of Wadatsumi. For some reason his former mercenary partner Yuuri also accompanies him on his return. A girl named Tsukuyomi also comes to live with him after he happened to save her. Sou found the girl in the harbour on his return to the island, it seems that she has lost all of her memories as well as well as most common knowledge required to live in this world.

Because of lack of decent jobs on the island, Sou accepts a job from a mysterious person. The job involves transferring into the only school on the island, Kouka Academy. In there, he has to investigate the student’s involvements in the recent occurrences of terrorism on the island. It’s from there that this story will start to involve, as student council president Mao and a mysterious “fairy” girl make their appearance. She’s the reason as to why he lost his ability to fight in the first place…