Makura’s Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue wo Mau- delayed yet again

The first week of the month is usually the time where companies would announce their delays. And so it’s unfortunate that there’s another game that has had its release date changed. This time it’s Makura’s “Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue wo Mau-“. The game has now been delayed by yet another month. It’s already the second delay for the game, the third if you count the original canceled game.

The game’s official webste was also updated with a message from the company, in which they apologize for the delay and explain that the delay was necessary to make this release the best one from Makura that we have seen so far. They didn’t want to rush the final finishing touches and hope that you’ll support them in their desire to polish the game.

The new release date for the game has been set to October 23.

Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue wo Mau-

Naoya Kusagani is the son of a world-famous artist. Unfortunately however, his father has recently passed away and Naoya, -without any relatives to rely on-, comes to live at the house of his best friend, Kei Natsume. It also happens that Kei’s older sister is incidentally also Naoya’s homeroom teacher at school. And Kei’s younger sister is working as an actress.

When the new school term starts Naoya also reunites with his childhood friend. Is this a so-called fated reunion or has the passing of time changed their feelings?