NanaWind’s Haruoto Alice delayed untill May

This week NanaWind announced a second delay for their new upcoming visual novel “Haruoto Alice * Gram”. This time it was delayed from its scheduled March release to May 26. The original date was set in November last year and it’s unknown as to what caused the delay this time.

Haruoto Alice is the first game that follows after the releases of the well-received “Alia’s Carnival!” and its subsequent fandisc “Alia’s Carnival! Flowering Sky” from just last year. For this game they once again called upon artists Mitha and Naru Nanao to work on the art for the game. They also added Kyourin Takanae to the list, an artist who worked for games from several different companies before.

Haruoto Alice Story

Winter has passed in the coastal town of Minato, and everybody is looking forward to the spring semester. In this school, which features the latest technologies, the gender rate between boys and girls is 4 to 6. It’s a popular school for those that want to take a step further in their education.

Since last year, there are 2 student organisations that claim to govern the student body. Namely the old student council and the newly formed “New Generation Council”. Protagonist Soutarou is in a special club under the control of the student council. The club’s goal is to help students with small requests. Like searching for lost objects and to mediate during conflicts. Resulting in a simple yet fun day-to-day life.

One day, Soutarou receives a letter from an unknown sender which says “I wonder if you can understand the events that are about to happen”. At the same time, a helicopter arrives at the school, and the times become difficult for his club.

What will happen from now on?