One month delay for Digital Cute’s Tincle Twinkle Festival

Yesterday Digital Cute has announced that their latest title, “Tincle ★ Twinkle Festival!”, has been delayed by one month. Their 5th game was originally scheduled to release this month but has now joined Magical Dears in the list of delayed titles. The new date has been set to October 30, though not all area of their website seem to reflect that new date just yet.

In a post on the official website Digital Cute apologizes for the delay and explain that the delay was necessary to increase the quality of the game. It’s the first delay for Tincle Twinkle Festival (And hopefully the last).

Tincle ★ Twinkle Festival

In Tincle ★ Twinkle Festival protagonist Seiji takes the place of his sister in a closed-community all-girls school. That is because the school has a long unbroken tradition that originates from early back in the Showa Era. Once a year they hold a festival in school, one that should never be made public to the outside world. The festival is all about a secret ritual to bless the students with many children in their futures.

Seiji’s sister however, did not want to fulfill her role in the festival and forces him to take her place. Seiji gets exposed almost immediately and before long the entire school knows about his secret (And incidentally, about the “thing” down there). Expecting his life to be over, he is surprised when they instead begin to respect his body… Wait, this can’t be happening right? Right!?