One month delay for Haru Uso -Passing Memories- by Campus

Today new brand Campus has announced an one month delay for their debut game “Haru Uso -Passing Memories-“. With still roughly one and a half month left before the originally planned date of October 30 they realized that they needed more time to release a quality product. In a post at the game’s official website they also apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the game.

If you haven’t visited the game’s website in a while you might use this opportunity to have another look. As since then they’ve probably added some samples to the gallery that you haven’t seen yet, as well as other interesting elements, like a Q&A “with the heroines” of the game.

Haru Uso -Passing Memories-

There’s a reason that people lie to each other. They can lie to protect themselves, to deny themselves, to deceive themselves, or to be able to move on. There are all kinds of lies and everyone has their own reasons for using them.

Protagonist Souichirou in Haru Uso has the strange ability to see through those lies, though he can’t see the reason behind it. During the game the text will turn red whenever somebody tells him a lie. Naturally this power comes at a cost and he even comes to be known as the number one problem child at his school.

Souichirou’s story takes a turn when a new spring arrives and he is called out by one of the most popular girls in school, Satsuki Himeno. The difference between them is immense and yet she timidly tells him that she likes him, raising the curtain for a love story between the school’s number one problem child and the school’s most beautiful girl.