Trial edition for Eternal’s tactical RPG Kenseiki Alpha Ride

Today Eternal has released a trial edition for their upcoming tactical RPG game “Kenseiki Alpha Ride”, a game featuring 2 protagonists and 2 storylines. With this trial edition you can actually experience a short part of either of these storylines. It’s available for download on their official site here (Warning: plays sound) and at several mirror sites including Holyseal. The file size is about 967 MB.

If for some reason you’re unable to download the file and give the game a try, you can also have a look at their official Youtube channel. They have put up 2 videos that play through a short part of the trial edition. The version for Kai’s story (white) is available here and Shizuma’s version (black) is available here.

Kenseiki Alpha Ride is currently set for a release on October 23.