Trial out for Escude’s Yuusei Tenshi Primaveil Drei

With barely more than a few days left until the game’s actual release, Escude has released the trial for the third installment of the Primaveil series. Unlike a normal visual novel, this game will feature some of Escude’s typical system features again in which you can “train” the heroine of the game. There’s also system in place for setting your schedule and give instructions to your subordinates, all for the sake of world conquest!

The trial was released on Monday and is available for download from one of the mirrors on the game’s official website here (NSFW). You can also get it from Holyseal.

The full game will be released on July 27.

On this world there is an organisation that always schemes for another attempt at world domination. Everybody thought that they had given up by the fierce resistance from the Primaveil heroines, fighting for justice. But they haven’t, and they intent to try once more. Prince Lambert and his respected older brother spend their time planning for their emperor’s plans. Then disaster strikes when Lambert’s older brother suffers a crushing defeat by a newly appeared Primaveil, causing him to lose his position as first heir for the emperor’s seat.

Lambert wants to restore his brother’s honor by challenging the Primaveil again. He lacks in fighting strength however, and during the fight he gets hit by a double holy light beam from two different Primaveils at once. Everybody was convinced that their prince had died. But he didn’t. Instead he ends up in the depths of the afterlife, where he obtains a certain power that nullifies the power from the Primaveils. With this new anti-Primaveils energy he manages to capture one of the Primaveils, allowing their side to actually go on the offensive instead. They name their new plan the “Omega strategy”.

How was Lambert able to survive that attack? And what is the fate of Serene, the now captured Primaveil? What will happen with the other Primaveil? And most importantly, which side will win this battle? So many questions that will still need to be answered…