Trials for Natsuiro Kokoro Log fandisc and Confiture Soft’s debut work Amanatsu Adolesence

This weekend there were at least 2 trials released for upcoming March games. First of these is the trial for Natsuiro Kokoro Log ~Happy Summer~ by Hearts. Happy Summer is the company’s first fandisc, and being a fandisc means there’s after stories for each of the four heroines. Continuing the love stories that you’ve built with them last summer. Naturally, like the original game, these stories take place in both the real and the virtual world.

The trial edition is over 1GB in size and can be downloaded from several mirrors listed on the game’s official website. The full game, with art by Sakura Shiromochi, is set to release at the end of the month, on March 24.

Amanatsu Adolesence

The second trial that was released is the trial for Confiture Soft’s debut visual novel Amanatsu Adolesence. It’s a story about Akira and the russian girl that suddenly comes to live at his home. And it gets even merrier as his former light music club members join in the mix.

This trial edition can also be downloaded from the game’s official website, thought it’s smaller in size. “Only” 750MB. Click this link for a direct link to the zip file.

Amanatsu Adolesence is currently also set to release on March 24.