Two month delay for Akabei Soft 3’s Sorairo Innocent

There’s some surprising news around Sorairo Innocent this weekend. Even though the new game by Akabei Soft 3 had a trial released for it back in August and  everything seemed to be going well from an outsider’s point of view, the game has now been delayed by two months.

In a message at the official site the staff apologizes for the delay and say that the change was necessary to deliver a good quality product. Do note that even though the game was scheduled to release just 1 month following the release of Seikishi Melty ☆ Lovers the main staff members were completely different.

In any case, the new date has now been set to December 11.

Sorairo Innocent

Kuutarou really wanted to soar in the sky. But when his aviation school closed down after a bankruptcy he was instead forced to transfer to a new school. There a new life was waiting for him, a new club and a new routine, raising water birds from the moment they were born from their eggs. He enjoyed his new life, which was filled with lively days of trying to raise these young birds together with his friends form the club.

All of that lasted until one day, the day he learned of the existence of an airplane club. And even though the club currently isn’t active he found new hope in the fact that someday he might be able to soar through the sky. With his refound desire he and his friends take action, doing everything they can to once again challenge the skies.