Two month delay for Sengo Muramasa by Gesen 18 and Unicorn-A

This weekend Gesen 18 and Unicorn-A have announced a delay for World War II simulation / strategy game Sengo Muramasa. Though it does takes place in an alternative timeline rather than a realistic one. The delay was announced on the game’s website here (Warning: Plays sound), and in the message they apologize for the unfortunate delay without specifying a direct cause.

It’s new date has now been set to December 18.

Sengo Muramasa

Sengo Muramasa is a game similar to the Sengoku Hime series and features a huge list of characters. It’ll be set in a fictional timeline where Japan is still ruled under the Tokugawa shogunate. Right at the time that a massive world war breaks out.

It’s 1939 when chaos amongst the major powers causes a war to spread across the entire globe. With the wounds still fresh from a previous war, nation after nation gets involved in the war, And it doesn’t take long for the war to reach the eastern empire of Japan, which is still ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate.

You’ll play the story through the eyes of a man who’s originally not allowed to set foot in the imperial capital.