Visual novel highlights week Aug 14 – Aug 20, yuri themed week and Omni Link Kickstarter success

Do you like yuri visual novels? Then this weekly news post might just cheer you up. At least on the English side of the spectrum that is. AnimeFest 2017 took place last weekend and Sekai Project used the opportunity to make some announcements.

Yet, this post isn’t that big overall. It’s still August after all. We do have some releases coming up at the end of the month that are definitely worth looking forward to.

As usual, the news has been split between English Visual Novels, Japanese Visual Novels, and Nukige games specifically.

English visual novels

Blackberry Honey yuri game coming soon

At AnimeFest, Sekai Project announced that they’ll be in charge of the release for Ebi-hime’s latest title Blackberry Honey. A yuri themed game set in England during the mid-19th century.

It was also said that the game should be released soon. You can check out a preview video on their Youtube channel here.

Omni Link Kickstarter project reaches initial funding goal

The Kickstarter campaign for new game (& Manga), Omni Link, has reached its initial funding goal. With this funding accomplished, the game’s creator will be able to focus more on finishing the story, which is set in a science fictional world.

A Steam page is already available for the game version of Omni Link. But definitely check out the campaign page itself. More funding is needed to reach the stretch goals, which include a Japanese version of the theme songs and more localization options.

Short English title news

  • Yuri title Ne no Kami Part 2 will release on August 31 via both Steam and Denpasoft.
  • Another upcoming Yuri title is Synergia by Radiart. Picked up by Sekai Project.
  • Sekai Project will also pick up Exogenesis – Perils of Rebirth by Kwan. Trailer here.
  • Also remember that Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki is coming out on the 25th 31st.
  • Frontwing’s Kickstarter for Wonderful Everyday reached the English manga translation.
    • A preview video was also released (Youtube).
  • The Umineko Question Arcs are now available on hardcopy over at Mangagamer.
  • Lupiesoft will also partner up with Mangagamer for the release of upcoming game Dizzy Hearts.

Japanese visual novels

New Chelsea Soft title: Suite Life

Chelsea Soft announced a new title called “Suite Life”. It’ll be their third title since the opening of the studio in 2015. So far this new title seems to be planned for a December release. A website has already been opened as well. Check it out here.

Suite Life will feature 4 or 5 heroines and will have a story written by Suika.

Short Japanese title news

  • Lass Pixy announced a new game in the Pure Marriage series, this time for Serika. Website available here.
  • Ensemble opened the website for the Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody FD.
  • Lump of Sugar published a teaser video for a new game. Website opens tomorrow (Youtube).
  • SofthouseChara published the OP and a trial for August game Ryouchi Kizoku (Youtube).
  • Bug System published a trial for upcoming game Haze Man -The Local Hero-.
  • Harmorise set a new release date of December 22 for Hitotsu Yane no, Tsubasa no Moto de (2 years after the original date).
  • Light has set the date for Sora no Baroque to December 22 as well.
  • Curefull Base published the OP for Tsugihagi Make Peace – Pretending x Friendship – (Youtube).
  • LIFE0 also published an OP. This one for their debut title Seven Days (Youtube).

Nukige (External NSFW links)

  • Zion announced 2 new hypnosis titles. To be released in October and November.
  • A new seal-tutu game appeared on Getchu: Isekai Fuuzoku Hajimemashita!?
  • New brand Peony’s debut title is called Ore wa Jukujo Kyou Ai Shugi. To be released in October.
  • Potage will come with a new title called Saimin Esthetic Iki Jigoku in November.
  • Valkyria will also have a new title called “Musume Kuzushi” in November.
  • Cattleya opened the website for new game Kahogo na Mama to Mucchi Muchi Mama-san Volley.
  • Casket released a trial for Kanojo ga Myuu Datta Baai ~Oshiego Vampire no Ama Toro Reizoku Choukyou~.

Final word

We do our best to find all items that might interest you as a visual novel fan. Still, if you feel like there’s anything missing in this post, feel free to contact us on twitter or through our contact page. Next week’s post should be on schedule as usual.

Update 26/08: Updated the delayed release date of Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki