Visual novel highlights week Jul 24 – Jul 30, new Smee title and Sakura no Toki teaser

If you’re a fan of Japanese visual novels, you’re probably fairly busy right now with some or even all of the July titles that were released this week. Or maybe you’re still excited about all the Tech Gian news and announcements from last week? Regardless, this week is a little bit like the calm after the storm. Not too much to report.

Still we got some new title announcements, and updates on Sakura no Toki by Makura. Read more about it blow, along with the rest of the visual novel news summary for the past week (Jul 24 – Jul 30). Just like usual the news has been split between English Visual Novels, Japanese Visual Novels, and Nukige games specifically.

English visual novels

News-wise, there’s not a lot to report this week regarding English titles. Although 3 major titles did get their release. First there was “Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol.3” by Frontwing (Steam), then there was a (slightly delayed) release of Madosoft’s Wagamama High Spec. And lastly there was the release of Princess Evangile‘s fandisc Princess Evangile W Happiness by Mangagamer.

Otakon 2017 will be happening in 2 weeks and we’re expecting some new Mangagamer announcements there. Sekai Project will also be there, although it’s not sure if they’ll have any announcements for us. In any case, news surrounding localized titles might heat up again around that time.

Short English title news

  • There’s still no new date on the KS launch date for Wonderful Everyday.
  • Mangagamer has started their own summer sale. The following titles are on discount: For a full list of titles see their blog post here.
  • Mangagamer is also going to be releasing a translated uncensored version of Atelier Sakura’s  “Kashidashi Tsuma, Marina no “Netorase” Houkoku Binkan Tsuma to Zetsurin Daigakusei”, named “Marina’s Cuckolding Report“. Date: August 11.
  • Shining Song Starnova Kickstarter is expected to be coming soon.

Japanese visual novels

Website and date for Inre’s Bakumatsu Jinchuu Houkoku Resshiden Miburo

Inre, a name you might know from the ChuSinGura 46+1 series, has published the website and release date for their latest title “Bakumatsu Jinchuu Houkoku Resshiden Miburo“.  A visual novel set in the last years of the Edo-era. One that will share characters with the aforementioned ChuSinGura 46+1 series, but also introduces a bunch of new ones. There’s also a map system to be introduced this time, to make it easier to follow the movement of the story.

The website currently has character profiles available for 10 (female) characters. It also has a world introduction and a gallery with CG samples (many of which are nsfw). The release date has currently been set to December 22. Read the full story synopsis here (in English).

Smee opens website for new game Making Lovers

Smee has opened the website for a newly announced game, Making Lovers. In this game you play through the eyes of a young man who is convinced he knows the right way to make someone fall in love. Until one girl makes him rethink that thought (full synopsis here).

The website has character introductions available for the 5 main heroines, including 2 different outfit previews. It also features a short introduction of the game’s system and fundamental concept. The release date has been set to November 24.

Teaser page opened for Makura’s Sakura no Toki

Makura has opened a teaser page for next entry in their Sakura series, Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Shita o Ayumu-. It doesn’t hold a lot of information but it at least tells us some more information about the staff members working on it. Sca-ji and Yuu Niijima will be responsible for most of the scenario, while the art will be handled by the same Sakura no Uta artists (Kira Inugami, Kagome, Motoyon).

The teaser page also holds the character images for what can only be assumed to be the 5 main characters for Sakura no Toki. Most of these are familiar faces from the previous entry in the series.

Short Japanese title news

  • Purple Software opened the website and released the first trial edition for Aoi Tori, though it’s currently under maintenance. A mirror for the trial is on Holyseal.
  • Cast names for Ensemble Sweet’s Ubu na Otome no Ecchi na Onegai appeared on Getchu.
  • Circus published the OP for D.C. III ~Da Capo III~ Dream Days (Youtube).
  • Omochi Soft release a trial (nsfw) and the OP for their debut title, Arui wa Koi to Iu Na no Mahou. (Youtube).
  • NekoNeko Soft released a trial for August game Ruri no Kasane ~Imouto Monogatari~
  • A PS Vita version has been announced for Irodori’s Ouka Sakabi. Release in December.
  • Applique posted a preview for a new crowd funding title called Cross Concert (Working title, Youtube link)
  • Bug System released the OP for September title Haze Man (Youtube).
  • Azarashi Soft Zero also released the OP for their debut title, Yami to Shukusai no Sanctuary (Youtube).
  • Blade x Bullet by Skyfish reached gold status. Safe for release in August.
  • Prekano’s debut title, Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase ~Two Farce~, reached gold status as well.
  • And another gold status title, is the Minato Carnival fandisc by -drumroll- Minato Carnival.


July games were released, and as always, several patches were published. Make sure to update your games:

Nukige (External NSFW links)

It’s mostly trials for this category this week.

Final word

We do our best to find all items that might interest you as a visual novel fan. Still, if you feel like there’s anything missing in this post, feel free to contact us on twitter or through our contact page.