Visual novel highlights week Oct 2 – Oct 8, new Caramel Box title and Sakura Gamer released

This week’s visual novel update brings you a newly announced trap protagonist title from Caramel Box. There’s also various trial releases for upcoming visual novels and (late) patch updates for September releases. Otherwise it has been a pretty quiet week on the Japanese side.

On the English side, there’s of course the release of Saku Saku. Other than that, it has been rather quiet as well. Oh well, more time to focus on your current playthrough, right?

As per usual, the news has been split between English Visual Novels, Japanese Visual Novels, and Nukige games specifically.

English visual novels

Winged Cloud releases Sakura Gamer

WInged Cloud has released their latest Sakura title. This one being called “Sakura Gamer”. It’s available on Steam here with an adult unlock patch available over at their Patreon here.

Short English title news

Kickstarter projects

Japanese visual novels

New Caramel Box title: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 3

Caramel Box announced a new title last week. More than 5 years after the release of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 2 they now announced the 3rd entry in the series, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 3. Meaning that the popular trap protagonist game will make a return to the visual novel scene in 2018.

It seems that Otoboku 3 will be another standalone game as well. A website with some more information has been opened here. So far it has a story page, character pages for the main- and side characters, a download page with a short introduction movie, and some promotional materials.

The release date has been set to February 2018.

Short Japanese title news

  • (DLC) Parasol published a short DLC route for Sakura Hitohira Koi Moyou.
  • Kawauso Soft’s debut title Bokura no Sekai ni Shukufuku o was delayed to November 24.
  • Alcot Honey Comb released the trial for Kanojo wa Tenshi de Imouto de.
  • Purple Software released a second trial for Aoi Tori.
  • Giga released the trial for Baldr Bringer. The game also reached gold status.
  • Harukaze released the OP for Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart 2 (Youtube).
  • Smee released the OP for Making*Lovers (Youtube).
  • sprite released a PV for the Nintendo Switch version of Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (Youtube).
  • Escu:de released patch 1.02 for Akatoki 2.
  • Enishi Soft released patch 1.01 for Oni ga Kuru.
  • Wonder Fool’s Junjou Karen Freaks reached gold status.
  • Lass Pixy’s Pure Marriage Celica Edition also reached gold status.

Nukige (External NSFW links)

  • WitchFlame’s new title is called Dokusen Saimin.
  • Apadash’s new title is Juurin! Orc Gakuen!.
  • While Appetite themself are working on Kasshoku Cool Bitch Hitozuma no Seiyoku Kaishou.
  • Pure-Liquid’s Venus Resort will release on October 27.
  • Red Zone is working on a game called Yarichin no Ore ga Onna ni Nattara Yariman Datta Ken.
  • onomatope*Raspberry released the OP for Bitch Gakuen ga Seijun na Hazu ga Nai (Youtube).
  • Studio Orca released patch 1.01 for Yuganda Uso no Koi to Letter.

Final word

We do our best to find all items that might interest you as a visual novel fan. Still, if you feel like there’s anything missing in this post, feel free to contact us on twitter or through our contact page. Next week’s post should be on schedule as usual.