Website for Memory’s Dogma opens, Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns started

LizArts and Sekai Project have now opened the website for upcoming visual novel Memory’s Dogma, a game announced just over a week ago. The newly opened website is located here and is available in both English and Japanese. It provides us with a more detailed story synopsis, new characters, art previews and a list of staff.

The only thing the website doesn’t list is a projected release date but the Kickstarter campaign (see below) mentions an estimated delivery date of December 2016.



A Kickstarter campaign has also been started to arrange funding for the game. The minimum pledge goal is $30,000 and at the moment of writing this post more than $6,000 has already been pledged. Depending on the pledge amount backers can get access to things like a digital copy of the game, a digital copy of the theme song, a digital behind the scenes artbook and a hand drawn character on a shikishi.

The current stretch goals include full Japanese voices and animated scenes for important events. Check out the campaign on Kickstarter here.

Steam Greenlight

LizArts and Sekai Project seem to have been busy, as a Steam Greenlight campaign has been started as well. The page itself doesn’t hold anything new that can’t be found on the main site or at Kickstarter, but you can vote on this page if you’d like to see the game on Steam.


Memory’s Dogma will be a neuroscience × genetics × near-future sci-fi visual novel adventure game. It’ll be set in 2030 and due to Japan’s advancements in neuroscience, memories can now be saved and recorded. Something which is called e-Memory. Use of it is restricted however, which basically means that only the government has control over human memory data. Recording memories of still-living humans has also been forbidden making it only usable on those who have passed away.

Which brings us to the Connect Centers, state-operated facilities that allows one to communicate with the deceased. Protagonist Hiroki Kusuhara wants to head over to one of such Connect Centers in order find out the truth behind the death of his childhood friend that happened just a month earlier. An act that gets him involved in a fight taking place behind the scenes.

Art samples & Promotion movie

Memory's Dogma art sample 1 Memory's Dogma art sample 2 Memory's Dogma art sample 3