Website open for new RPG by Astronauts Comet, Tou no Shita no Exercitus

Astronauts has opened the website for the new RPG in development under the Astronauts Comets label. The game is called “Tou no Shita no Exercitus” and was announced only a few weeks ago. It’ll feature art by Rozea (vndb) and Moyashi Kokusan (vndb), who both have previously worked on games for the Comets label. Several people will be writing the scenario including Panda Smash (vndb, incomplete) and Herun Kirishima (vndb, incomplete).

The newly opened website currently features an introduction (story) page, many characters pages, a special page, and a product spec page. The characters pages are especially worth checking out as they currently provide the best introduction of the artstyle featured within the game (and because there are so many). Though no cast names or voice samples are listed just yet.


Long ago, the civilization in the world was prosperous until that very technology eventually caused the destruction of it. And nowadays only the areas around a certain tower slowly regained the same kind of prosperity. But eventually that caused a new problem as the ever increasing population around the tower negatively affects its rotation cycle.

In response the world’s rulers invented an insane system to preserve the balance of the world. And to combat that treat the people founded a school to raise knights, in order to protect the population’s growth. Inevitably also starting a countdown for the tower’s downfall.

Our protagonist is summoned to this school by chance, and after obtaining experience as an adventurer together with our heroines, he ends up in an extremely dangerous adventure with the fate of the world as its stakes.