Yet another delay for Amanoha’s Ichi Bun no Ni Koigokoro

One might start to wonder if Amanoha’s Ichi Bun no Ni Koigokoro is ever going to be released. I apparently completely missed it, but a few weeks ago the new company announced another delay for their already heavily delayed debut title. Ever since being set to a release date of March 3 2015, the game has been competing for the title of most delayed game.

This time the announcement was made on the official website, and came without any additional information as to why the delay was necessary. I wish I could bring you good news, though I wonder if there are still people eagerly waiting for this one.

Ichi Bun no Ni Koigokoro

Protagonist Aoi Amakaze isn’t attending school. Instead he’s working part-time to help support his two younger sisters. While he does regret not being able to attend school, he’s fine as long as he can see his sister’s smile. There one day in the winter, as his sister’s birthdays are approaching, he has a run in with a former underclassman from his school. And when he also has a chance encounter with his shy neighbor, the relationship with his sisters will change.

This is a story about how the warmth of love can melt the snow piled up in one’s heart.