Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister Walkthrough (Appetite / Mangagamer)

the future radio and the artificial pigeons

This is a walkthrough for “Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister” by Mangagamer. Originally developer by Japanese company Appetite under the name of “Yome no Imouto to no In’ai ~Tsuma ni Kakurete Majiwaru Otto to Gimai~”.

This guide is based upon this Japanese version but adjusted to the translation instead. All credit to them.

As the name suggests, there’s only 1 main heroine in Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister. You won’t need any save slots, but you will unlock all CGs.

Ending 1

  • Breasts (4 times)
  • Butt (3 times) or Breasts (3 times)
  • Open changing room door
  • Breasts (4 times) or Butt (4 times)
  • Butt (4 times) or Pussy (4 times)

Ending 2

  • Lips (2 times) + Crotch (2 times)
  • Pussy (2 times)
  • Open changing room door
  • Pussy (2 times)
  • Clitoris (2 times)

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