Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Part 2 Walkthrough (Sekai Project / Denpasoft)

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This is a walkthrough for the official translation of the Ne no Kami Part 2 visual novel by Sekai Project (All-ages) and Denpasoft (Adult). The game’s full title is “Ne no Kami – The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Part 2”.

In Ne no Kami there’s only 1 route and 1 ending available, but there is a choice available that unlocks a different scene. So that you can complete your CG gallery. The choice is simple enough but is listed here regardless in case people want to know what’s the effect of the choice.

Note: This walkthrough was made with the adult edition of the game.


  • Save Slot 1
  • I decided to head to Uzume’s place.

Scene recovery

  • Load Slot 2
  • I could tell Len was going somewhere.

After completion an Extra scenario “Chapter Mew Mew – Let’s get Purr-sonal”  will become available. This will unlock more CGs, so don’t forget!