Saimin Gakushuu -Secret Desire- Walkthrough (Dark One! / Shiravune)

Making Lovers

This walkthrough is for the Saimin Gakushuu -Secret Desire- visual novel by Dark One! and Shiravune, available for English download on Shiravune on Steam at a later date

Saimin Gakushuu has 4 main heroines, Tsukino, Suzuka, Ayako, and Natsuki. This guide will help you unlock all censored CGs for Saimin Gakushuu. 

You’ll need 2 save slots for Saimin Gakushuu.

This walkthrough is based on the one found on Seiya Saiga.

Tsukino and Suzuka End

  • Start
  • Save slot 1
  • Stay focused
  • Save slot 2
  • The Himemiyas come first

Ayako End

  • Load slot 1
  • Broaden the scope
  • I want to expand

Natsuki End

  • Load slot 2
  • I want to expand