Beauty Bounce

Description & Story

Beauty Bounce is the first visual novel to be released under the name of Brightly Studios, a new group affiliated with Dharker Studio. It’s a direct sequel of the Beach Bounce game, released in 2015/2016. To play Beauty Bounce however, you won’t really need to have played Beach Bounce before.

In the story you play as Tomo, a young man who has inherited his grandmother’s resort and must now prove himself to the bank that holds the notes on the park. However, soon it’ll also be time for the annual “Beauty Bounce Pageant” event at the resort. So now he has to deal with managing two things at once.

It was definitely not what he was expecting to work on when he inherited the resort. With Rei and Mineko having left the resort, it might be getting busy as well. Will you be able to enjoy the Beauty Bounce Pageant as well as keeping the bank happy at the same time?

Beauty Bounce Download

Beauty Bounce is only available as a downloadable game. For this, there are 2 editions that you can choose from. First there’s the Adult edition for download over at Nutaku games. But an all-ages Steam Edition is also be available at Steam.

Sample CGs