Iku Iku Succubus

Description & Story

Iku Iku Succubus is a visual novel by the developer Dwarfsoft and published by Fakku. The original Japanese name is “Iku Iku ♡ Succubus Saikyouiku ~Rakudai Inma no Koukan Ryuugaku Nisshi~”.

This visual novel is for fans of nasty Succubus heroines who are always hungry for more. Fans who love huge breasts, kissing scenes and harem scenes will enjoy Iku Iku Succubus.

There are 3 girls to choose from and a harem scenario in Iku Iku Succubus. Completing all routes will unlock a complete and totally uncensored CG gallery.

Story / setting

Tanehisa Busujima is a middle-aged teacher at a private academy. He’s got a huge dick and tons of dirty thoughts as well. Collegues or students, no one is safe from his gaze. After all, they’ve got on short tight skirts. But all actions have consequences and Busujima is close to getting fired.

There’s only one option, become the private teacher for the exchange students from the Succubus Kingdom. They’re here to try and help the dwindling birth rate problem.

Teach these girls a lesson in bed by showing them how it’s done!

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Iku Iku Succubus is available for English download on Steam.

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