Description & Story

Island is a visual novel by the developer and publisher Frontwing now available for the Nintendo Switch.

This visual novel is for fans of science fiction elements, helping girls in trouble and solving mysteries. Fans who love the The Eden of Grisaia and The Fruit of Grisaia visual novels will thoroughly love Island.

There are 3 girls to choose from, but be careful! One wrong move and you’ll get one of over a dozen bad endings. This title takes twists and turns to complete and you should always be on your toes. There are several long chapters as well so prepare yourself for a long and emotional ride.

The extra menu has a section to rewatch all endings, listen to the original soundtrack, and view the CG.

Story / setting

This latest game by Frontwing takes place on an island located far south from the mainland. It is an island that has been blessed with rich nature and feels like a paradise, a place where one would want to stay forever. But there is a complex history surrounding the island, it began with a series of misfortunes happening to the three major families. Then it tried to cut-off all contact, marking the start of a slow decline, abandoning the Marine Station in the process.

Back in the current time frame, Island’s story begins when a young man washes up ashore, who claims to have come from the future. He disregards all traditions of the island and instead struggles to change the future. But is that really his only goal? And what about the three young girls, each of them a daughter of one of the three major families on the island?

Sample CGs

Island  Download Edition

Island is available for download in the Steam store or for the Nintendo Switch.


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