Making*Lovers After Stories

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Description & Story

Making*Lovers After Stories is a visual novel by the developer Smee and published by NekoNyan. The original Japanese name is ” Making * Lovers: Geki Icha After Story”.

This visual novel is for fans of the original Making*Lovers visual novel. Fans who enjoy stories with multiple endings and an adult protagonist will also enjoy Making*Lovers After Stories.

In this bonus content game aka fandisc, you’ll get to experience 5 new stories with your favorite girls. Choose your name and different hairstyles for each girl. Make the most of your time together and enjoy these extra chapters!

The Omake menu has a CG gallery, music menu and a section where you can rewatch your favorite scenes. All CG is uncensored.

Story / setting

This fandisc for Making*Lovers, includes several stories that take place a year after the main story ended. Revisit all your favorite ladies and share some intimate time with them in all new adventures and include new hairstyles for each girl!

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Making*Lovers After Stories is available for download on MangaGamer, Denpasoft, NekoNyan, JAST USA and Steam. There’s a patch for the 18+ version here.


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