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Description & Story

Musicus! is the newest title and final release from Overdrive, made available in English by Mangagamer. This visual novel is also known as “Musica!”.

Fans of long and emotional stories will find Musicus! a satisfying title. On top of having 3 unique girls to romance, this game also has a bad end. 

Completing all 4 scenarios will unlock a complete CGI gallery. All the scenes and pictures are uncensored.

The extra menu has replayable musical, a beautiful CG gallery, and even a BGM and SONG mode. There are many songs composed specifically for this game and every one is replayable.

Story / setting

Kei attended a famous high school so that he could one day become a doctor like his parents. But he stopped and decided to attend part time. After he realizes that there’s more to life than just medical school, he begins to question what he really wants out of life.

After he wins a prize in a competition for a short story, he’s greeted by a surprising figure. Yagihara, a music production president, requests that Kei write a report about one of the touring bands. Kachoufuugetsu used to be a huge hand. But its leader, Korekiyo openly talks badly about music.

Kei falls in love with the music and Korekiyo suggests the wildest idea. That Kei take his place as leader of Kachoufuugetsu.

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Musicus! is the newest title and final release from Overdrive made available by Mangagamer. The game is also found on the official website and SteamThere’s a free18+ patch for the Steam version found here. The 18+ version of the game contains uncensored images.