Description & Story

Onigokko! is a visual novel by the Japanese developer ALcot and published in English by JAST USA. 

This visual novel is for fans of slice of life visual novels that involve Japanese mythology. Fans who enjoy unlockable routes will also get a kick out of Onigokko!. Each girl has a unique personality from a cool headed Tsundere to the soft hearted Deredere.

There are 4 girls to choose from in this long VN title. Once the first 3 girls have been completed, another route opens up so you can enjoy a different girl.

The extra menu has replayable scenes, a music gallery, and of course stills from each route. All the scenes and pictures are uncensored.

Story / setting

In the past there was an “oni” on the island that had collected a countless amount of treasures. Until on one day it was defeated by a group of 4 companions, who lived happily ever after with their new treasures. It’s a simple tale that everybody knows of.

Now, in modern days there’s a world-famous thief going around that calls himself “Ura”. A daredevil that sends an advance notice before any steal and still gets away with it. He claims to be a descendent of the “oni” from the fairy-tail. Though he returns any spoils of his steals to their rightful owners.

Then on one day, Ura sends a message to someone located on the same island as that of the fairy-tail. Although it’s in fact a fake message from an imposter who´s imitating Ura. The real Ura is our protagonist Keisuke Urabe and he actually transfers to the sole school on the island in order to find this imposter. Pretending to be a normal student he lives out his days in class, but takes on the role of Ura at night.

That is, until he noticed that the descendants of the 4 companions that defeated the original Oni are also present as students. Which marks the beginning of Onigokko’s story, a story crossing the boundaries of time and fate, all set in a school setting–

Sample CGs

Uncensored Onigokko English Download Edition

Onigokko! is available for download in English in a fully uncensored edition on the JAST USA website



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