Childhood Friends With Benefits Walkthrough (Orcsoft / Sekai Project)

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Childhood Friends With Benefits is a visual novel by Orcsoft and made available in English by Sekai Project. It can be found for download on Denpasoft, JASTUSA, Fakku, Steam (All-ages). Its originalJapanese name is Sex Friend Osananajimi ~Shojo to Doutei wa Hazukashii tte Minna ga Iu kara~. Childhood Friends With Benefits is also known as “Childhood friend is a fuck buddy”.

There’s a free 18+ patch available for the Steam version found over on Denpasoft. All scenes provided in this game are uncensored, provided you are playing the 18+ version.

Childhood Friends With Benefits has a single heroine so the routes are fairly easy to go through. There are a few options though, and this guide will help you unlock all CG and “Memory”.

You’ll need 2 save slots for Childhood Friends With Benefits. This walkthrough is based on Seiya-Saiga’s Japanese version. So all credits to them.


  • There’s one choice marked with a star (*) for a CG variation choice. Be sure to unlock both options.

True End

  • * CG variation choice
  • It’s tough sometimes
  • Save slot 1
  • Ask Shiho instead
  • Cum on her tits
  • Honestly, I do get jealous
  • Shiho! Drink it all down
  • Save slot 2
  • Confess my feelings to Shiho

After Story end (Available after finishing the game)

  • After Story

End 2

  • Load slot 2
  • Don’t confess to Shiho

Scene Recovery 1

  • Load slot 1
  • Think about it
  • Cum in her mouth
  • I shouldn’t get jealous
  • Shiho! I wanna cum on your face