Childhood Friends With Benefits

Description & Story

Childhood Friends With Benefits is a visual novel made by Orcsoft and is available in English by Sekai Project. It’s Japanese name is “Sex Friend Osananajimi ~Shojo to Doutei wa Hazukashii tte Minna ga Iu kara~.” Childhood Friends With Benefits is also known as “Childhood friend is a fuck buddy”.

Childhood Friends With Benefits is a visual novel for fans of high school sweet hearts who have a thing for rough stuff in bed. This game is quite graphic in nature as well, so if you love extra details in your VN titles, this one might be just for you.

There is just one childhood friend to fall in love with but all 18+ scenes are uncensored with the patch. There is even an After Story found on the main menu for a nice end to this tale.

The gallery includes a photo album of stills and a memory gallery for replayable scenes.

Story / setting

Our protagonist is a virgin. But so is his childhood friend. What better way to spend their time than to lose their virginity together. And why stop there? There’s so much to explore when you’re new to everything!

Sample CGs

Childhood Friends With Benefits uncensored English download edition 

Childhood Friends With Benefits is available for download on Denpasoft, JASTUSA, Fakku, and Steam (All-ages only). There’s also a free 18+ patch available for the Steam version over at Denpasoft.



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