Farther Than the Blue Sky Walkthrough (ChuableSoft / MangaGamer)

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This page contains the walkthrough for Farther Than the Blue Sky. A visual novel by company ChuableSoft and published in English by MangaGamer where it’s available for download. It’s original Japanese name is Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku.

Farther Than the Blue Sky is also known as Byakko, Haretaka, or Anohare.

There are 4 main heroines, Arisa, Natsu, Honoka, and Kaho. This guide will help you unlock all uncensored CGs for Farther Than the Blue Sky. 

5 additional scenarios are added to the Extra tab after the completion of each route so be sure to check those out too.

This walkthrough is based off of the original Japanese walkthrough found on Seiya Saiga. You’ll need 1 save slot to complete all routes for Farther Than the Blue Sky.


  • B: Composite
  • A: Aluminum powder
  • B: Guidance and control
  • Save slot 1
  • Help Arisa
  • Arisa


  • Load slot 1
  • Help Kaho
  • Kaho


  • Load slot 1
  • Help Honoka
  • Honoka


  • Load slot 1
  • Help Natsu
  • Natsu

True End

  • Title Screen
  • Liftoff!!

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