Funbag Fantasy 3if Walkthrough (Waffle / Mangagamer)


This walkthrough is for the Funbag Fantasy 3if visual novel by Waffle and Mangagamer, available for English download on Mangagamer and Steam. The Japanese name of this game Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 if.

Funbag Fantasy 3if has several main heroines and this guide will help you unlock all uncensored) CGs and scenes. 

You’ll need 7 save slots to unlock all of the endings, and there are quite a few of them!

This walkthrough is based on the original Japanese one from Seiya Saiga. So all credit to them.

Funbag Fantasy series walkthroughs


  • There’s multiple variations of “End2” but there are no different CGs amongst the different options. So pick whichever you prefer.
  • Choices marked with a * are for CG variations. You have to unlock both options for a 100% CG gallery.

Underworld Harem End (End1)

  • Save slot 1
  • Hear Matica out
  • Save slot 2
  • Beg to restore Medusa’s hair
  • Save slot 3
  • Teach the snakes to breathe
  • Save slot 4
  • Reject Athena’s blessing
  • Save slot 5
  • I want to marry all four of them!

Destra & Esquelda (End2)

  • Load slot 1
  • Return to the underworld
  • Save slot 6
  • Destra and Escelda… No, everybody!

Paia (End2)

  • Load slot 6
  • Paia… No, everybody!

Zoe (End2)

  • Load slot 6
  • Zoe… No, everybody!

Constantia (End2)

  • Load slot 6
  • Constantia… No, everybody!

Harem End (End2)

  • Load slot 6
  • Everybody!

Ajura (End3)

  • Load slot 2
  • Accept the reward
  • Save slot 7
  • Ajura

Human Women End (End4)

  • Load slot 7
  • Human Women

Venus (End5)

  • Load slot 3
  • Teach the snakes to sing

Athena (End6)

  • Load slot 4
  • Accept Athena’s blessing
  • *Adult Choice

Ajura and Farneria (End7)

  • Load slot 5
  • Ajura and Farneria

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