Funbag Fantasy Walkthrough (Waffle / Mangagamer)

9 -nine-:Episode 4

This is a walkthrough for the Funbag Fantasy visual novel by Mangagamer. A game which was originally developed by Japanese company Waffle under the name of Kyonyuu Fantasy as the first entry in a series of games. (If you’re looking for a walkthrough for the Sideboob Story, click here)

This guide is based on this Japanese walkthrough by Seiya-Saiga but adjusted to the English translation instead. There are endings for 4 heroines as well as a true end.

You’ll need 3 save slots for this guide, and you’ll be able to unlock all CGs as well.

Funbag Fantasy series walkthroughs


  • Choices marked with star (*) are choices for CG-variations. Use an extra save slot (Slot 4) when they appear so you can load back and unlock the other CG variation.
    • You can also use the “Return to Choice” feature if you so prefer
  • I’ve also had the game bug out on me and show a black screen, so be sure to save often during a lengthy session


  • * Pull out of Roxanne, then reload after to choose “inside”
  • Shamsiel’s tit-fuck feels better!
  • * Pull out of Roxanne, then reload after to choose “inside”
  • * Pull out of Roxanne, then reload after to choose “inside”
  • I promise to return after I reach the capital!
  • Save slot 1
  • Be assigned to the Royal Guard
  • Save slot 2
  • Return to the capital


  • Load slot 2
  • Search for the sanctum


  • Load slot 1
  • Be stationed as a commander
  • * Squeeze her boobs
  • Save slot 3
  • Class has finished


  • Load slot 1
  • Return to Boan Castle

True (harem) end

  • Load slot 3
  • Call in an additional teacher
  • Let nature take its course