Koiken Otome Walkthrough (Fan translation)

LIP Lewd Idol Project Vol3

This is a walkthrough for the fan translation of Koiken Otome by FlyingPantsu. The original developer of the game is Japanese developer Eufonie. This English guide is simply a translation of the original Japanese walkthrough by Seiya-saiga but all the choice texts are adjusted to match the English fan translation instead.

Koiken Otome has 4 routes for 4 different heroines (Touko, Yuzu, Akane, and Yves). You should also have all CGs after finishing the guide. You’ll need just 1 save slot.


  • Use the quick save slot for the choices marked with a star (*) to go back and unlock the CG variation after the scene. You can also use a normal save slot if you so prefer.


  • Do you have a plan or something?
  • I agree
  • Wholeheartedly support her
  • Save Slot 1
  • I guess a diligent girl?
  • Stop joking around
  • Close my eyes.
  • …look to Akane
  • * Cum inside / outside


  • Load Slot 1
  • Someone with a cool demeanor?
  • Stop joking around
  • I came to see you.
  • …look to Kamishiro
  • * Cum inside / outside


  • Load Slot 1
  • A cutesy type?
  • No reply
  • Of course.
  • …look to Yuzu


  • Load Slot 1
  • Maybe a little selfish?
  • Maybe after we know each other more
  • You’re worried about Akane?
  • …think about Yves