Koiken Otome

Description & Story

Koiken Otome is the third visual novel developed by Japanese company Eufonie. It features the distinct art style of Tateha in a world where some people have special powers.

The story of Koiken Otome is centered around Seiichi as he begins his new school life at Kashinomori Academy, a school for the elite. One can only attend the academy if they have a power called “Douryoku”. A long time ago this power was used to repel an alien invasion. So nowadays mankind is always looking for people that are born with this special power to train and research them. Just in case another alien invasion begins.

At Kashinomori Seiichi gets to meet the four vastly different heroines of the story, but unfortunately also becomes to be known for his inability to manifest his powers. Then one day, his powers awaken and his situation changes completely. Without giving away what it is, his newly awakened powers are the first of its kind, and cause him to be in high demand by other students in the academy. Actually, not only by just students from the academy, by people around the entire globe!

English Translation Patch

Fan-translation group Flying Pantsu has made an English translation patch for Koiken Otome. The patch was released in July 2016 and it’s available for download over at their website here.

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