Trinoline Walkthrough (Minori / MangaGamer)


This is a walkthrough for the English edition of the Trinoline visual novel by minori and MangaGamer. Also available in an all-ages edition over at Steam.

There are not many choices available in Trinoline, but you can use this guide to see what choice leads to which girl. There are 3 heroines (Shirone, Yuuri, Sara) available for you.

You’ll only need 1 save slot, and you’ll also unlock all CGs.


  • This guide was made with the adult version (or adult patch installed), but it should work for the all-ages edition as well.


  • * Stay true to my feelings (Won’t show until you finish the first 2 heroines first)
  • Save Slot 1
  • Sleep in my room (Only if you went for Yuuri first)


  • Load Slot 1
  • Sleep in my room (Only if you went for Shirone first)

Sara (Available after finishing the 2 above)

  • Start (Continue or the beginning)
  • Hear Sara’s thoughts (Only if you start from the beginning)

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