Description & Story

Trinoline is a visual novel by Japanese company minori that was released in 2017. In the game, you play through the eyes of protagonist Shun. He lost his sister on a warm midsummer day. She drowned. It’s a memory that he can never forget. After the event he decided to live for her part of life as well. Keeping the memories alive, but also accepting the past and moving on with life. That’s what he wanted to do.

Then years later, having passed his painful childhood, another warm summer arrives. It’s a regular school day when he remembers her a little. It must be that faint piano sound in the distance. Following the sound, he finds his sister waiting for him. …But, didn’t she die? Yet, she’s here right in front of him.

Made to be just like her, this is a completely new type of Android developed by Sara. A girl who’s both a genius scientist as well as Shun’s childhood friend. Both the Android’s appearance and movements cannot be distinguished from a normal human being. And it has a human voice as well. But there’s more, Sara also gave the Android the full memories of his deceased sister.

It’s an Android that will change the world…

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Trinoline English Translation adult download edition

Mangagamer has worked together with minori to provide an English translation of Trinoline. The adult download edition is available here.

If you prefer an all-ages edition, you can also grab a copy from Steam.


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